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5 Signs You Might A Have Heart Disease

5 Signs You Might A Have Heart Disease

The term heart disease covers any disorder related to the heart. It is the leading cause of death worldwide. Your heart can be affected by a number of common ailments such as heart attacks, stroke, raised hypertension, peripheral artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, and heart failure. However, learning the warning signs for heart disease may help you get the required treatment at the right time.

1. Chest pain
There are many reasons as to what could trigger chest pain which has nothing to do with your heart. However, chest pain or discomfort is mainly caused due to a lack of oxygen-rich blood in your heart. And is one of the main symptoms of poor blood flow to the heart.

2) Fatigue
Fatigue and lethargy are a frequent complaint in patients with congestive heart failure and is a major symptom of onset heart disease. This symptom may be an indication that your heart isn’t pumping enough blood to the muscles and tissues in your body.

3) Swollen feet
Another indication of a heart problem is swelling (edema) in your feet. This is because if your heart does not pump blood properly, your arteries end up pushing excess fluid into your body tissues, leading to swelling in your leg, ankle, or foot. However, it is important to remember that swelling in the feet can also be caused by other factors.

4) Jaw pain
Neck and jaw pain may be an indication of angina, an inherent heart problem that arises when there is no proper supply of oxygen-rich blood in your brain. Angina may feel like a heavy pressure in your head, but may also radiate to other parts of your body such as your throat, neck, jaw, and shoulders.

5) Cold sweats
Sweating excessively when you are not engaged in physical activity could be an early warning sign of heart problems. This is because It takes more effort from your heart to pump blood into blocked arteries, and your skin sweats more to try to keep your body temperature stable during this process.

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