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6 Weight Loss Tips Backed By Science

6 Weight Loss Tips Backed By Science

Since ancient times the science of losing weight has been a puzzling topic for people. There is a lot of information out there giving various easy solutions to losing weight some backed up by science and some not. But the most important factor to consider here is what will work for you? Hence, we have jotted down some interesting weight loss secrets that you might not be aware of:

1) Skip the Juice Diet

Have Whole Fruits Instead, By juicing fruits you lose out on vital fibers that are crucial to support your weight loss journey. Fibers usually take a longer time to digest and make you feel full for longer.


2) Water is the Key

Traditionally water was associated with bloating, but new research suggests otherwise, it suggests that drinking more water can do the opposite and can aid you to burn more calories. Research also suggests that consuming half a liter of water before at least an hour before meals can enhance your metabolism and help you lose more calories.


3) Limit Your Salt Intake After 7 P.M

Studies have shown that excess sodium consumption may cause water retention and your metabolism is slowest in the evening hence, it is suggested to cut down on your salt intake after 7 pm.


4) Hit the Brakes on Chewing

It is observed that the technical aspect of your weight loss is connected to the speed of your chewing. Studies suggest chewing your food slowly helps the brain register what exactly is going into our systems and signal when we had enough food.


5) Intermittent Fasting can be the Solution

If you are looking to lose weight you already must have come across the concept of intermittent fasting! There are various ways of doing intermittent fasting all of which involve splitting the day into eating and fasting periods. This is done in order to gain the same benefits of calorie restriction and also prevent losing muscle mass in the long term.


6) Eat-in Smaller Plates!

This is a trick played by our mind! Eating in larger plates gives our mind the illusion that we did not have enough food whereas if we eat in plates or utensils that are smaller in size the brain believes that we have had enough of food and signals the body that we are full.


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