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Garcinia Cambogia -A magical weight loss remedy!

Garcinia Cambogia -A magical weight loss remedy!

The fruit Garcinia cambogia, also called the Malabar tamarind, grows across southwest India, Myanmar and Indonesia. It ripens to a red or yellowish fruit about the size of an orange, but resembling the shape of a pumpkin.
The Malabar tamarind also known as gambooge fruit was used by the people as an ingredient in curries, chutneys and to cure stomach problems. But now many supplements contain extracts of the fruit named as Garcinia Cambogia which has proven to curb appetite, help in weight loss and to stop gaining unnecessary weight.



How does it work??

Garcinia Cambogia has an active ingredient named as hydroxycitric acid, or HCA which in studies has shown fat burning and cut back abilities. It blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase which is used for making fat in our body.

Garcinia Cambogia works by controlling appetite and hence the results will be seen immediately after first consumption of this supplement.

Obviously, taking an HCA supplement alone won't help you shed pounds. But in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the studies seem promising.

What are the benefits?
Garcinia Cambogia may help in reducing blood fats and reducing the risk of gaining weight. It suppresses appetite, blocks the production of new fat in the body and also shows lower cholesterol levels and blood triglycerides in overweight people.

The other benefit which has been noticed with Garcinia Cambogia intake is relief from joint pains, emptying the bowel, treating severe diarrhoea in some cases. It also lowers the risk of heart disease to an extent.

Is it safe for everyone?

People may safely eat the fruit, of course. Certain studies have shown it's safe to take Garcinia cambogia supplement — at least for 12 weeks. People who are breastfeeding or pregnant shouldn't take this supplement. Additionally, diabetics who take insulin or glyburide should talk to their doctors before taking the supplement since it may cause an unsafe drop in blood sugar. And although it helps lower cholesterol, those taking a statin should consult a physician because it can increase the risk of harmful side effects such as muscle degradation. Lastly, as with all dietary supplements, one should consult their physician while including it in their diet.

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