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How do you cleanse your colon?

How do you cleanse your colon?

We use the most expensive body wash, shampoo, cleansers etc for our external body to look flawless and amazing, but have we ever thought of cleansing our intestine and colon? If not, then it’s never too late to start something good! Healthy eating is good for your overall health, but having a low-calorie, high-fiber diet that includes many fruits and vegetables is important to a healthy colon. A healthy colon will rid your body of the leftovers it no longer needs. If your colon isn’t working the way it should, you will experience problems such as bloating, gas and pain.

Ultra Cleanz by StayFitz is a pure natural formulation with herbal, fibre rich and thermogenic ingredients for safe gut cleansing and detoxification. A colon cleanser pill is designed to help cleanse the colon and the intestinal tract, soften the stool, stimulate the liver and improve peristalsis which in turn expels the layers of encrusted mucus. It gently stimulate and tone the bowel wall enabling unassisted bowel movements over time Effective colon cleansing can deliver numerous benefits such as reduced lethargy, enhanced energy, better digestion, faster metabolism, less bloating, healthy weight loss, and healthier looking skin. It also helps to improve your intestinal flora for enhanced overall health wellness.

Benefits of Ultra cleanz

  • Natural herbal supplements
  • Removes gut toxins
  • Reduce lethargy and fatigue
  • Cleans your stomach
  • Helps in weight loss

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