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Immunity and cleanliness

Immunity and cleanliness

“Human aesthetics, cleanliness and well organisation in life are the fundamentals of a strong immunity”

Cleanliness means good manners, good hygiene and good habits that one follows among the family, friends and society. While aesthetics enhances the beauty of one’s good manners and habits and Organisation sums up the two to make it precise and concise. Immunity also works in a similar way.

But why do we fall ill when we are in an unclean or dirty surrounding or when we consume food with dirty hands or spoon? What we actually have is a biodiversity problem. Our clean, indoor-centered lives and a Western diet rich in processed foods have depleted our biomes – the bacteria and worms that naturally live in our bodies, our guts in particular. These organisms play a role in the development and regulation of our immune systems, and scientists have identified the loss of biodiversity as being central to the high rates of inflammatory disease in the developed world.

How does immunity protect the body against diseases? Proteins in the blood, called antibodies, eliminate pathogens by sticking to them. Certain white blood cells can swallow and digest foreign materials. This cellular immunity is how the body fights infection. In fact, as modern immunologists have shown, both the humoral and cellular responses identified by Ehrlich and Metchnikoff, respectively, play a role in fighting disease.

We do not gain the essentials needed for our strong immunity from food we eat so the best alternative is supplements.

Stayfitz G-Immune is a composition of unique herbs which helps protects and safeguards our immune system from different infections, diseases, sickness and a safe, effective and natural remedy for management of a weak immune system. G- Immune supplements are a convenient and easy way to ensure that nutritional needs are met.

Benefits of G- Immune

  • effective natural remedy for a weak immune
  • Helps fight infections and common cold virus  
  • Boosts the immune system
  • May support to increase T- Cell production
  • Strengthens tissues against any assault
  • Helps to stimulate macrophage capability
  • 100% veg and natural


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